About Ash

I am a software developer in Brisbane, Australia. With a background in video game development I now now work in serious games & simulations: making game technology work for business. I also develop products in the cloud & mobile spaces. I build bespoke software solutions that span multiple platforms. Projects are delivered quickly & in close collaboration with clients to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

I have many years of experience managing development teams, preparing technical strategies and creation of software products. I can explain complicated technology to senior management. I have delivered cutting-edge products in fast-moving & high-pressure environments. I know how to focus & prioritize so that the important things get done.

I am a passionate technologist & agile practitioner. Agile techniques have bought me much professional & personal benefit. I have had great success with TDD and am convinced of its ability to produce better code that stabilizes more quickly while being evolved rapidly. I’m a fan of functional programming & the potential it offers for safety, predictability & concurrency. I have integrated functional techniques into my development life without sacrificing on practicality.

I contribute to open source and I am a founder of various community groups in Brisbane.

One of my main open source projects has been Data-Forge, a data wrangling toolkit for JavaScript.

The meetup groups:

Game Technology Brisbane

Game Development Brisbane


My open source repositories:





I have blogs on game development (What Could Possibly Go Wrong) and data wrangling (The Data Wrangler).

Please see my linked-in profile for full history, publications and projects.