Market Tracker


The information you want, delivered when you need it.

Market Tracker is a prototype and a work in progress, some parts have limited functionality and are included to show how it may work in the future.

Please check it out at

We need your feedback! Is Market Tracker useful to you? Please get in touch via or the Facebook page.

What is it?

Define your criteria to identify companies of interest. Market Tracker automatically notifies you when the share market changes and companies enter or exit your specified criteria. Market Tracker helps you automate your investment process.

How does it work?

Each day Market Tracker updates it database from the ASX. You create filters to search for companies that match your criteria. We are working towards the Market Tracker core feature: The ability to put your filters on a schedule and be automatically notified when companies meet your criteria.

How much does it cost?

Market Tracker will always be 100% free to create and run filters. In the future you will be able to put your filters on automatic and pricing for this will be based on the amount of computing power used and execution frequency. This is a pay as you go approach, you will only pay for what you use and no more and we will make every effort to keep costs low.

What other markets do you support?

Currently we only cover the Australian share market. Do you want to see Market Tracker deployed for your market? If so please email and let us know at

Future Plans

We are working towards launching Market Tracker and need beta-testers! Please email if you are interested.