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Welcome to the personal web site of Ashley Davis.

Software craftsman, author and routine dabbler in financial markets.

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Data Wrangling with JavaScript

My book Data Wrangling with JavaScript is a comprehensive overview of working with data in JavaScript. Please let your friends and collegues know about it!

Data-Forge and Data-Forge Notebook

Data-Forge is my open-source data transformation and analysis toolkit for JavaScript/TypeScript. It is inspired by Pandas and LINQ and is my goto tool for slicing and dicing data.

Data-Forge Notebook is my notebook-style desktop app for data analysis, transformation and visualization in JavaScript and TypeScript (kind of like an IDE for working with data). Check out the video.


I have a long history in software development with many years in apps, web apps, backends, serious games, simulations and VR. I make technology work for business. I architect and build bespoke software solutions that span multiple platforms.

I have years of experience managing development teams, preparing technical strategies and creation of software products. I can explain complicated technology to senior management. I have delivered cutting-edge products in fast-paced and high-pressure environments. I know how to focus and prioritize to get the important things done.

I am a passionate technologist and agile practitioner. I have had great success with TDD and am convinced of its ability to produce better code that stabilizes more quickly while being evolved rapidly. I’m a fan of functional programming principles and their potential for safety, predictability & concurrency.

I contribute to open source and have founded multiple industry groups.

Please find me on LinkedIn for my full history.


I have plenty of open-source code available on my personal Github, the Data-Forge org and the Grademark org.

I also did open-source work while at Real Serious Games, you’ll find some very useful code for working with Unity and Node.js on the Real Serious Games Github org.

Quantitative and algorithmic trading

I’m a keen systematic trader, currently trading stocks on the ASX and exploring quantiative and algorithmic trading strategies.

I created a stock market simulator called Market Wizard which has a small, but loyal following.

These days I mostly test trading strategies through backtesting because papertrading is too slow. I have built extensive personal software for this purpose. I am slowly open-sourcing my backtesting code under the Grademark org.


I have two blogs.

The Data Wrangler is my current blog - with writings on data analysis and general coding.

What could possibly go wrong? is my older game tech blog, I no longer update this - but it’s preserved for posterity and to occasionaly remind myself of just much I have written.


Need help with something?

Want to talk about data wrangling, trading, backtesting or JavaScript?

Please reach out.